Monday, 2 January 2017

Lake View Revamped

I had been disilluisioned with Lake View for a while as it seemed to lack character.   I was even thinking of selling it and buying another house altogether and then inspiration hit in the middle of the night (why does it do that??).  

I decided to take away the bottom part which instantly made the house smaller and decided to keep the lounge and hall.  I moved the kitchen into what had previously been the bedroom and made it into a kitchen/diner.  In place of a bathroom I put in a home study/office/den.  I moved the bedroom up into the top 'mezzanine' floor.  I bought some new bedding from Elf Miniatures along with a clear dining table and a wonderful 'Apple iMac' computer and keyboard.  I also bought a new settee.   For the dining room I used the white chairs from a garden table and chairs I had purchased a couple of years ago and never used.   I do want some different more modern chairs in the future but in the meantime these will do.   You can see these in the Christmas photographs.   

I quite like the house now but it does need finishing off and a few more 'nick nicks' to make it more homely.    I know that there isn't much room between the dining table and the kitchen and there is no bathroom but there are no hard and fast rules as far as I am concerned in the world of miniatures :)   The house is still largely a 'work in progress' but it's getting there.

Please excuse the photos as these were all taken with my phone!!

Outside Lake View 
Office/Study/Den & Hall 
Lounge at Christmas
Lit up at Xmas
At Christmas 
Christmas inside
Christmas at night!
Kitchen/Diner - photo taken at strange angle!!
Hall at Christmas 

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year 2017 ..................

Happy New Year for 2017 - hope its a good year for everyone. 

I haven't blogged for a long time due to personal circumstances which sadly led to my mother in law going into hospital for a month then after treatment and assessment, to a care home.  She had developed vascular dementia and Alzheimers and had deteriorated quite rapidly.  It's been a difficult year for hubby and I but hopefully we are through the worst.  My heart goes out to anyone in a similar position, it's a horrible condition and for the relatives it is so hard.   I hope that they find a treatment soon.   

Friday, 26 February 2016

New computer and quick update

Well we had to bite the bullet and buy a  new computer!  After much careful thought and consideration and weighing up all the pros and cons ................. we went with Apple!  And it's fantastic but having to learn a whole new system at our age is a wee bit daunting to say the least but the best bit is I now seem able to get onto blogger again with virtually no problems so in my eyes that's a #bonus.  It is quite funny though having to Google the simplest queries - couldn't even work out how to print :) 

The full computer is quite different to an iPad or iPhone but we are getting there slowly but it is so nice to be back in the world of blogger and the world wide web :) 

Quick miniature update - nothing much happening apart from slowly working on Petite Properties 1:24 scale retro caravan and also working slowly on 1:24 scale Pumpkin Cottage.  We ordered some wonderful lights from Herdwick Landscapes and some other wonderful lights from J S Miniatures and these are slowly going in now.   The floor downstairs is in Pumpkin Cottage and even if I say so myself looks quite good.   If it brightens up at all I will take some photos to show you.  

We've just undergone a dreadful review at work and what a mess.   Hubby reckons the managers went out on a night and by the 10th Vodka they had another 'cracking idea'!!  Left our department so short staffed and in some other departments up to 7 secretaries have resigned!  There is still a huge number on sick leave too.   Most of the admin staff were downgraded including myself and whilst not happy at being downgraded and doing the same job I've done for years, I really didn't want the new Band 4 role which is now managerial!  So far it's a complete failure but we are expected to do double the work, in a faster time as well!! 

Anyway off to do some housework, then I'm going to get myself a cuppa and sit and catch up with blogs - heaven at last :) 

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year

I wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope that 2016 is a good one for you and miniatures too! 

We are enjoying Hogmanay in the Cairngorms - this was a Christmas present to ourselves and we are having a wonderful time.

Even better as on the 2 January 2016 will be catching up with family that we haven't seen for a while. 

Google Images 

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Goodness Me! How Long Has It Been?!

I cannot believe how long it's been since my last post - time flies!   Various reasons for not posting - having major problems with Blogger, not been well at all, mother in law not well (has dementia), under review at work ........I could go on but I won't!   I've been reading blogs though but for some bizarre reason have not been able to post and I've found it more and more frustrating - to the point that I'm still thinking of moving to Wordpress! Though today managing to post some comments - no idea what I've done - just been playing about on the computer with the settings (tried that in the past!)

Anyway enough of that - nothing much to report.  No work done on Lake View at all.   No work done on the lovely 1/24 scale houses and caravan from Petite Properties and I really miss not working on miniatures.   

No work done on the real life house either and that to-do list is getting longer and longer :) although this weekend I want to paint my real life fire surround in the lounge using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - and aarrgghh comes to mind because knowing my luck it won't work although we did paint our bedroom furniture and I love it!  

The review at work has been a complete farce (one definition of farce is: An event or situation that is absurd or disorganized!) but extremely stressful.  It's quite upsetting to see middle aged women in tears and such a lot of my colleagues have walked out and gone on sick leave!

Not organised for Christmas at all and it's literally only round the corner, although have bought my Christmas cards and today have just got out all my mini Christmas decorations ready for Lake View.   Tree and decorations in the real life house won't go up just yet! Our town has the Santa Parade tomorrow with Santa and the reindeer but it's going to be dreadful weather and it's also our village Santa parade too - feel quite sorry for them because such a lot of work has gone into preparing for it.  

Sunday, 17 May 2015


There will be a permanent display of houses by Caroline Hamilton and Jane Fiddick at Newby Hall, Yorkshire, UK and I am really looking forward to seeing it.
I wondered about combining a visit to Newby Hall with a visit to the Dolls House Fair in York on Sunday 7 June 2015 but also think that during the week may be quieter.   
Newby Hall is a lovely place to visit even without the excitement of seeing the wonderful creations by Caroline Hamilton and Jane Fiddick.
Here is the link for the exhibition 

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Downsizing & Work in Progress

Goodness me it's been a long time since my last post! Yes I'm still here - got several excuses for not blogging - namely work, family issues, our new little business venture along with all the usual excuses!  However miniatures are always there in my mind!

Hubby and I managed to get to Miniatura and I purchased some great items for Lake View but ......... we kept going back to Petite Properties where I was totally taken with their new cottage, Pumpkin Cottage  in 1/24 scale!!! I have never done anything in this scale before but every time we go to a fair I always gaze longingly at Petite Properties stand.  Now I am the proud owner of Pumpkin Cottage and thoroughly enjoying working on it.  I have a peculiar feeling it won't be the last of Petite Properties projects!   

Pumpkin Cottage - work in progress!

I also purchased some great items for Lake View- two old fashioned car badges - AA & RAC from Truly Scrumptious and I've put these in two frames I got from Mitchy Moo Miniatures.   These have gone into the top room of Lake View which has seen a lot of changes.  I bought the fabulous chair from Mitchy Moo Miniatures as well as the crate you can see which has a piece of sliced agate on the top to make a table - this will have a light in it soon.   

I'd ordered a floating kitchen island and pop up socket from Elizabeth at ELF Miniatures and the floating island is partially built and hopefully finished this weekend.   I can't wait to see it lit up.   

Sunday, 21 December 2014


I've not posted on here for such a long time - my poor blog has been quite neglected - all for the usual reasons - real life gets in the way!   

I've not been sitting doing nothing though - Lake View has had a quick revamp - I took the brick paper off the walls in the lounge and dining room and the whole house has been painted white.  The inside is still a work in progress - I will post photos very soon (I promise).   

Hubby and I are going away for Christmas - we finish work on Tuesday 23 December at about 5ish and are heading off to the Cairngorms (praying for snow!).  I'm really excited about it - today have been busy packing as we won't have time Monday or Tuesday as we are both at work.    

We are hoping that the Santa Parade in Aviemore is on, on Christmas Eve as last year it was cancelled because of severe ice and gale force winds.    

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays where ever you are.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Gifts and New Purchases

Once again I've not been very good at blogging - sorry! 

I received the most wonderful gifts from Marlene of Poppy Patchwork blog - a rug and a heart.  I've been watching Marlene's progress on the rug and it looked lovely but to see it in person is totally different - as it is even nicer than the photos show.  I have a project in mind for the rug and Marlene had asked me about the colours that I wanted and now I cannot wait to get started on the project.   

The heart has also found a home and hangs from a shelving unit in our bedroom and looks really nice. 

Thank you so much Marlene.   If you haven't read Marlene's blog you will enjoy it.

The wonderful rug and heart + card

The Rug 

When I was 'surfing the internet' looking for items for my new project to go with the new project, I find some lovely items for Lake View from Mitchy Moo Miniatures - a chair, whisky crates and picture frames.   These are beautiful and the chair and crates are in place but not the picture frames yet.  One of the crates has had a slice of agate put on top and made into a coffee table but I need another piece of agate as this one is not quite the right shape.  I'm very pleased with all of them and will definitely be buying more from Mitchy Moo.  Thank you.

The Chair, Frames & One Crate

The Chair and one crate in Lake View 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Announcement & A New Venture

Today is the 1 March 2014 and it seems a good day to tell you all what I've been up to and also explain part of my absence from blogland! Nothing naughty before you all jump to conclusions!   I've also been hesitating as I wasn't sure I wanted to say anything!  Even more intriguing!  I just wanted to add that whilst I haven't been here much, I've enjoyed reading all your blogs.

A few months ago I decided to do a small business course on an evening run by our local council and one of the things I learnt from that was in starting up a small business do something you know about - well apart from being a Senior Secretary/PA the only other thing I knew about was either driving my husband round the bend and with hubby we've started up a small on-line business selling miniatures. We've designed the website ourselves. It does need tweaking and we want to change our header/logo slightly but as the saying goes ‘Rome was not built in a day’.

Our stock level is small but steadily increasing. Marlene sews beautiful rugs and supplied us with two very different and gorgeous rugs. We are still sourcing goods and that’s really quite enjoyable too. We are trying to encompass all aspects of miniatures and all periods and every time stock arrives and we open it, I say “I want....”!  Our sales have been small but steady.   I’m still working and not enjoying it but this little business has given me something to focus on and I find myself during the day thinking minis again. Hubby came up with the name – Insh Miniatures. Insh with a slightly different spelling - it’s a wonderful place in the Cairngorms, Scotland and my Grandfather was born near there so with a slight play on words the name came about.

The site is and we’ve also set up a blog to go with the online shop and if you don't see your blog name on our new blog don't worry it will be on soon - work in progress.

You’ve probably noticed I’m using Wordpress for the blog linked to the business. I really like Wordpress and find it so easy to use. They had such a wide variety of templates too and as they say a change is as good as a rest! I’m debating whether or not to change to Wordpress for My Wee Life! Decisions!  I will still be continuing with My Wee Life as it's been a part of me for some time but hopefully will do a few more posts.  

Setting this up has also given me the motivation to work again on Lake View and I finally ordered my kitchen from ELF miniatures – it’s not quite finished yet, still got the cooker hood and some shelves to go up but oh I love it. I ordered a bed and bedside table from ELF and just a couple of weeks ago bought the most divine bedding from Miniatyrmama. Again the bedroom is not complete but getting there.

I’ve also done some work on the very top room in Lake View and although still need to purchase a few little items it’s about finished - just a bit of tweaking here and there. The lounge is finished I think apart from a new TV and a few bits and pieces. The dining room needs new chairs for the table so I’m just using the existing ones at the moment and bits and pieces.   You will see the wonderful ghost chair I won and I’m thinking of purchasing another three for the dining table.  The dining table was made for me and I love it.

The bathroom is a work in progress but........I’ve got the shower unit ready to build and as you can see the sinks are in place.  One day it will be finished but it's a bit like our own old house - never quite done!


Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year for 2014!  

Google Images

We had a fantastic time in Aviemore for Christmas.  The weather was not good on the way up, very snowy and the Santa Parade in Aviemore was cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions but a smaller parade took place on Boxing Day night.   

We couldn't fault the hotel and the food was lovely.   Christmas day was quite wet - sleety to be correct but we did have actual snow for a while - cold but lovely.   Lunch was delicious - 5 courses!!  This was the Christmas pudding which was the smallest choice in sweets.  

Boxing day was a lovely day and we went up to the Cairngorms for the snow.  

We came home on the Friday via Glasgow to see my Aunt and cousins.  We had a lovely meal with them and arrived home again through dreadful weather.  

Here's a couple of photos of my mantle piece and tree - they are not good as they were taken with the I-pad and I'm disappointed in the photos:  

Unfortunately when we came home we had to face the wrath of hubby's sister - she was one of the reasons we went away.  Several times a year she makes our life a misery and always does it on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (we have hubby's Mum, sister, her partner and nephews round every year).    Anyway she was particularly nasty this year and if I'm honest ruined our New Year but it has done us both some good because I think we've finally toughened up and will not put up with any more nonsense from people (including the bullies from work!)   She even managed to upset me over my dolls-house and love of miniatures and thinks its time we stopped spending money on something so needless!!    

Anyway I had come across this idea of a memory jar and thought what a great idea - so have got myself a lovely Kilner jar and am going to fill it with good things, including nice quotes, tickets, photos of days out, etc and thought it will keep me positive this year.   

Lastly here's a photo of Lake View ready for Christmas that I quickly took with my i-pad and not happy with the quality but .......!!  The eagle-eyed amongst you will see that I've got my old dining table and chairs in place.  I am waiting to purchase some new chairs for the lovely new table I got from Michaela and her husband so put my old one back in just for Christmas!!  The kitchen is not finished yet but I love it so far.  

I got a new bed and bedside tables from ELF miniatures  but still lacking something for the corner and also for the bedside tables.  I also bought two lovely sinks from ELF for the bathroom - these are in situ on the other table that Michaela and Gareth made for me which fits perfectly in the bathroom.   Hubby also bought me a shower from ELF which hasn't been done yet (work in progress).  

I am still not happy with the top room so just quickly put a desk, etc in for Christmas but I am now thinking of just putting a lovely designer style chair in there and this lovely rug that Marlene sent me - I love the colours and think that will lift the room upstairs.   

I absolutely adore the fireplaces in Lake View which came from Jen Smith from JS Miniatures 

And lastly I just wanted to say that I know I didn't leave a lot of comments on your blogs in 2013, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your blogs - they gave me a lot of pleasure during what was a tough year for me - so thank you.   Here's to 2014.   

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Memories of a good holiday ..........

Warning!  Long post and photo heavy!!  But at least you can catch up on your sleep when reading!

I've not posted for such a long time and I really must apologise.  Real life has certainly got in the way.  Firstly I've been so busy at work - 9 colleagues are on long term sick and  I'm working very long hours but that is stopping this week as it's too much.  Also I've not been well myself  with one or two things and just not feeling in the mood to write on my blog or even post on the forums though still have a peek at them!!!  

Some of you may remember this bite from a while back?   Well it turned out it wasn't a bite - it was Erythema migrans from Lyme Disease which meant that I had suffered a tick bite and this was one of the reasons I was feeling so ill and my joint problems have been exacerbated with it.  I was tested  and given a two weeks course of horrible strong antibiotics and I have to say thank you for all their help to Lyme  Disease  Action UK.  

Anyway enough - hubby and I had a fantastic holiday in the Cairngorms in September. We've been going up there for years and there was one place we had never visited and that was the Highland Folk Museum.  We had driven past it so many times.  It was worth the trip and for miniaturists and miniaturists who love history it was sheer heaven.   

Hubby had a go on the quad bikes and loved it and wanted to do more.........

We always manage to catch the red squirrels up there and they really are stunning.

We did quite a lot of mountain biking up there although I was still not confident after falling off and breaking my wrist!!  Nothing like a middle aged wobbly woman on a bike! 

One of the trails we did always takes us past the Green Loch which is a lovely walk and a great picnic spot. No-one knows why the water is green but it's possible the colour is from the trees lying on the loch floor or the tale that pixies use to wash their clothes in it! Whatever reason it's a stunning spot.  The beach is quite sandy but there is a viewing point which I headed up to and took a photo of the bench up there and then when I turned round to take a photo as hubby was at the far end, I spotted this padlock and after reading it and sitting looking at the spot it had been placed in, I found myself crying! Very moving.   The last photo was my husband behaving like a 'big kid' cycling through the water!!  He had about five trips through this!!

 The be
The The The 
The last photos are of the Cairngorm Reindeer - we decided to do the hill visit to see the reindeer and it was worth every second.   We were up there a couple of hours and got to feed the reindeer!  

Well that was my fantastic holiday.  You can wake up now!!!  

I haven't completely neglected my miniatures during this time though and Lake View is coming along nicely and I will post photos later!  My kitchen is almost finished in Lake View and I got a new bed and bedside tables (but severely lacking all the finishing touches).  Bought the shower unit from ELF miniatures as well as the kitchen but that's not started yet.  Still you can't rush these jobs.   

And for me the best bit is still to come.................hubby and I are running away at Christmas.  We are being a bit selfish this year and part of me does feel a wee bit guilty but we've had Christmas Day and Boxing Day at our house for the last eight years and want a break!  And we both feel it's been a long, hard year so we're going to the Cairngorms and Aviemore!  My hubby isn't one for surprises but when he does it's a big one!!  I cannot wait.  Going to see the Christmas and Santa Parade on Christmas Eve.